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ZHU at Hakuba Iwatake in Nagano, Japan for Cercle


ZHU playing an exclusive Blacklizt DJ set at Hakuba mountains in Japan for Cercle. ☞ Support us and get access to exclusive videos & perks: 🤍 ☞ Listen to our playlists, tracks & sets: 🤍 ☞ Subscribe to our newsletter to know about our next shows: 🤍 ☞ Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 ☞ ZHU 🤍 🤍 🤍 36°43'46.5"N 137°50'17.6"E Video credits: Artists: ZHU Venue: Hakuba mountains - Japan Produced by Cercle Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla Directors of photography: Houssam Omar & Haytham Omar Drone pilot: Alexis Olas Sound mastering: Laurent de Boisgisson Technical Manager: Aurélien Moisan & Dan Aufseesser Post-production: Mathieu Glissant / Saison Unique Production Special thanks to: Chris Murray & Snow Machine for this partnership. Galerie Joseph. This artistic performance has been recorded live. Follow us on 🤍

JAPAN TRAVEL VLOG 🇯🇵⛷ | Skiing in Hakuba Snow Village, Nagano ❄️


With Japan being known for its powdery slopes, it’s undeniable a ski trip to Japan was a part of my Japan bucket list waiting to be ticked off for the longest time. February is one of the coldest months which makes it perfect for a 5-day ski trip to Hakuba in #Nagano, #Japan this year in 2023. Located a 3.5 hour train ride from Tokyo, or a 6 hour bus ride from Narita, Hakuba is home to stunning panoramic landscapes of the surrounding alps; a great option for those looking for where to ski near Tokyo. Its variety of terrains and slopes make it a place that's suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. However, that being said, I should’ve researched which slopes to start with first so that I did not have to struggle as much 😂 So I've listed some slopes for you here, so you won't have to roll down the slopes like I did 😂: ⛷ Night skiing in Hakuba: - Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort ⛷ Best slopes for beginners in Hakuba: - Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort - Tsugaike Mountain Resort - Iimori Ski Resort - Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort ⛷ Best slopes for intermediate skiers in Hakuba: - Hakuba Happo-One Snow Resort (this snow resort stretches over a very large area so you might need more than 1 day to cover it) - ABLE Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort - Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort But the best part of it all is that you don’t really have to ski to be able to experience all of this! There are gondola lifts that take you up to the mountains, and beautiful observatory decks I’m sure would look picturesque in other seasons as well. I went with a large group so we rented out a ski chalet Airbnb for this trip located in Iwatake, mainly relied on shuttle buses, walking and very rarely the taxi services at Hakuba. I’ve posted additional details of this trip below in case they may be of help in planning a ski/snowboarding trip in Japan! Additional details: 🚌 Shuttle Bus from Narita Nagano Snow Shuttle: - 🤍 🏠 Airbnb Yuki Wonder: - 🤍 - 🤍 🎿 Ski Rental Rhythm Japan Hakuba: - 🤍 Timestamps by Day & Ski Slope + Where to Eat in Hakuba: 00:14 Day 1 01:12 Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort (エイブル白馬五竜スキー場) 01:43 Day 2 - Baisen Coffee (白馬焙煎工房) 02:23 Hakuba Happo-One Snow Resort (白馬八方尾根スキー場) - Izakaya Kui Kui (居酒屋くいくい) 03:40 Day 3 - HAKUBA COFFEE STAND (ハクバコーヒースタンド) - cafe Momoka (カフェ ももっか) 04:45 Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort (白馬岩岳マウンテンリゾート) - Momochan Crepe (ももちゃん) - Ushio Yakiniku (焼肉牛緒) 06:50 Day 4 07:00 Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort (白馬岩岳マウンテンリゾート) - Hitotoki-no-Mori (白馬ヒトトキノモリ) - CHAVATY HAKUBA (チャバティ白馬) - Iwatake Onsen (岩岳の湯) - Hakuba Brew Pub 9:35 Day 5 Camera: iPhone 14 Pro Max Canon EOS M50 Mark II Edited using Final Cut Voiceover recorded with iPhone 14 Pro Max Music: 🎵 Theme of Mitsuha RADWIMPS [Music Box] (Anime Film: Your Name BGM) 🤍 🎵 Cascades - Tibeauthetraveler - Provided by Lofi Records - Watch: 🤍 - Download/Stream: 🤍 🎵 J Train - Noni - Provided by Lofi Records - Watch: 🤍 - Download/Stream: 🤍 🎵 Along The Way - Tibeauthetraveler X Jam'addict - Provided by Lofi Records - Watch: 🤍 - Download/Stream: 🤍 🎵 As Far As I Can See - Møndberg X Project AER - Provided by Lofi Records - Watch: 🤍 - Download/Stream: 🤍 🎵 Free- Bcalm X Rukachu - Provided by Lofi Records - Watch: 🤍 - Download/Stream: 🤍

This brings me so much joy | Hakuba, Japan


Get the Japan Rail Rail Pass (Klook): 🤍 Second episode to my 2023 Japan winter trip - We left Tokyo for the mountains for Nagano to snowboard/ski at Hakuba Valley, which is one of Japan's top ski destination. Thoughts about skiing/snowboarding at Hakuba: Great snow, not as crowded or expensive as Niseko, and many ski resorts to choose from. However, I wasn't a fan of taking shuttle buses everyday, as we had to stress about catching the bus to and fro, and it takes more time to get to the ski resorts we wanted to head to. But still, really enjoyed Tsukaige Kogen. It's the best beginner friendly resort for me so far. Directions to Hakuba Valley: Take a shinkansen to Nagano Station, then catch the Alpico bus that will take you to Hakuba (🤍 Stay tuned for Part 3! *CONNECT WITH ME instagram - 🤍 facebook - 🤍 *MY PRESETS Lightroom Mobile/Desktop Explorer Preset (Photo) - 🤍 *GEAR CHECK OUT MY GEAR LIST: 🤍 MAIN CAMERA - Sony a7siii WIDE LENS - Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM TELE LENS - Sony 70-200mm f4 OSS PRIME LENS - Sony 50mm f1.4 ZA GIMBAL - DJI RS3 MIC - Rode Videomic NTG ACTION CAM - GoPro Hero 10 360 CAM - Insta360 x3 DRONE - DJI Mavic Air 2s *WHERE I GET MY MUSIC Artlist - 🤍 (Get 2 months free) Musicbed - 🤍 (Get 1 month free) Epidemic Sound - 🤍 (30-day free trial) *EDITED ON Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects *TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Leaving Tokyo 1:06 Shinkansen Ride 3:16 Reaching Hakuba 4:16 Lawson Meal 4:56 Snowboarding at Tsugaike Kogen 7:57 Snowboarding at Goryu/Hakuba 47 8:09 How learning snowboarding changed my life 10:12 Dining at an Izakaya (Ohyokkuri) 11:17 Day trip to Togakushi Shrine 12:58 Best Soba Ever 14:19 Togakushi Shrine (Okusha) For any content creation related opportunities, contact me at shawnekoh🤍gmail.com

Hakuba Ski Resort | Things I Wish I Knew Before Going | Accomodation and Ski Resort Tips


Join us to take a look at Hakuba in 2023, where we stayed at 3 different accommodations and skiied at 4 different resorts for a 10 day trip. In this video, we give you a few tips of what to look for before going to Hakuba. VIDEO Timeline 00:00 Epic Intro 01:45 Overview 03:01 Location 04:20 Accommodation 04:54 Option #1 06:28 Option #2 08:08 Option #3 09:52 Skiing 11:47 Why We Love Skiing In Japan HOTELS WE STAYED AT Bergtour Marukita - 🤍 Hotel Hakuba - 🤍 Raw_ Hotel - 🤍 SKI RESORTS MENTIONED Happo One - 🤍 Goryu - 🤍 Hakuba 47 - 🤍 Iwatake - 🤍 Tsugaike - 🤍 Cortina - 🤍 USEFUL LINKS Happo One Free Shuttle Map - 🤍 Happo Bus Terminal - 🤍

Travel with me: Hakuba village in Nagano and other great locations nearby.


【SAKURACO BOX】 Use Code "MATCHA" to get $5 off for your first #Sakuraco box through this link: 🤍 and get a chance to win FREE Tickets to Japan if you subscribe before January 31st, 2023. Giveaway starts December 1st. Subscribe and become a friend today: 🤍 MUSIC: ・Epidemic Sound REFERENCE: ・HD アルプスの少女ハイジ OP  → 🤍 BE MY FRIEND: BLOG 🤍 INSTAGRAM 🤍 FACEBOOK 🤍 GET IN TOUCH: If you’d like to talk, feel free to email me at samuraimatcha.japan🤍gmail.com I try my best to reply to things but there sadly aren't enough hours in the day to respond to everyone...

HAKUBA JAPAN: Budget & Resort Guide


Hakuba Valley in Japan is a top snowboarding & skiing destination with some of the best powder in the world. We’ve spent three months over 2 seasons snowboarding Hakuba Japan and share some of our travel tips to help you get the most skiing for your buck $$$. Check out the second biggest ski resort in the world! 🤍 For more info on Hakuba, check out our detailed guide 🤍 If you ever have any questions, let us know in the comments 👇 *All prices are from 2017 season ⇨ Get $50 Airbnb credit 🤍 ⇨ Awesome music we use: Try it FREE for 30 days! → 🤍 AOH WEBSITE 🤍 INSTAGRAM 🤍 FACEBOOK 🤍 Important All footage, music and sounds effects are rights reserved. Please only use and share this embed code of the original video. Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted. If you are interested in buying footage or any inquiry please contact: adventuresoutherestudio🤍gmail.com

24 Hours in Hakuba Snow Village, Onsen in the snow and My First Time Snowboarding Ep. 336


Spending 24 Hours in Hakuba Snow Village and Trying my very first time snow boarding there renting gears at Woody Rental! Enjoying Onsen in snow at Mominoki Hotel! Special Soba Lunch, Hakuba burger for dinner and more! Hope you enjoy virtual travel to Hakuba with me though this video!! Support me on Patreon! ( 🤍 ) (➔ for my next goal 73 people to go, Please join my Patreon!!) Please check my SNS too My Instagram : 🤍 My Twitter : 🤍 Discord Gaooommunity : 🤍 YouTube Membership : 🤍 T-shirts and etc : 🤍 Main camera ➔🤍 Main Lens ➔ 🤍 Audio ➔ 🤍 My Amazon's wishlist ➔ 🤍 Support me by shopping on Amazon (for U.S.A) from the link below, you can just make regular shopping and I will receive small fee from amazon if you shop from the link below😊 Arigatooo for your supports! ( 🤍 )

Japan Powder Snowboarding in Hakuba Happo-One


My Gear List NITRO POW: 🤍 VANS HI-STANDARD PRO BOOTS: 🤍 UNION ATLAS BINDINGS: 🤍 VOLCOM JACKET: 🤍 VOLCOM PANTS: 🤍 SMITH MAZE HELMET: 🤍 IMPACT SHORTS: 🤍 GOGGLES : 🤍 HELI PRO BACKPACK: 🤍 CRAB GRAB MITTS: 🤍 AIRBLASTER NINJA SUIT: 🤍 Lift Ticket Deals: 🤍 TJ"S SNOWBOARDS: ROSSIGNOL SUSHI: 🤍 UNION FORCE BINDINGS: 🤍 OAKLEY FLIGHT DECK: 🤍 (CODE "BOARDARCHIVE10" SAVE 10%) FAVORITE MID-LAYER: 🤍 NINJA SUIT: 🤍 VOLCOM PANTS: 🤍 GORETEX JACKET: 🤍 FACEMASK: 🤍 GLOVES: 🤍 TM3 BOOTS: 🤍 HELMET: 🤍 CAMERA: 🤍 GIMBAL: 🤍 TELESCOPING POLE: 🤍 Thanks to the Ryokan Gozu for helping us with accommodation! 🤍 In this video we have our first day of snowboarding in Hakuba Japan. We're riding at Happo-One Hakuba ski resort, which is one of the largest and most popular mountains in Japan. Our goal for today is to explore some the of the trees find some deep snow for our powder snowboards. Today I'm riding the Nitro Pow and TJ is riding the Rossignal Sushi. Our first few runs were spent snowboarding in some of the trees accessible from the groomed runs. You're not allow to ride all trees because of hazards in the snow. Then we did a short hike to find some alpine snowboarding, which end up being some of the best powder turns on our lives! We finished the day by picking up some instant Ramen noodles from the local grocery store. Thanks for watching!

getting to hakuba valley and iwatake ski day | japan travel vlog


Today's video is all about the easiest way to get from Tokyo to Hakuba for some Japan skiing at my favourite snow resort. We caught the shinkansen from Shinjuku to Nagano and then took a Japan Highway Bus to Hakuba. It was a super easy ride to get there, from city to fresh japow. Skiing in Japan is one of my favourite things ever. This trip we stayed at Wadano Gateway, which is such a lush hotel. Follow along our first day of snow and experience all the highs and lows with us at Iwatake ski resort. Do you ski or snowboard? Let me know in the comments below! FOLLOW ALONG FOR MORE → → Instagram: 🤍heylini TikTok: 🤍heylinni TRAVEL SERIES → → Working from KOREA: 🤍 NEW ZEALAND road trip: 🤍 MUSIC → → Music by Anja Kotar - Hopeless Romantic - 🤍 Music by Anja Kotar - Meetcute - 🤍 Music by Anja Kotar - Definitely, Maybe - 🤍 Music by Naomi - Aurora - 🤍 Remember to LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE! 🤍

Ski.com's Epic Dream Job Documentary Series // Hakuba, Japan


If you've been wondering what skiing in Japan is all about, here's your chance. Watch Jackson Lebsack and Buddy Ticket recipient Justin Graham take on Hakuba. Special thanks to Evergreen Alpine Academy for guiding them to the goods.

4 Days Overland Camping in Hakuba, Japan


This is my happy place :) 4 days of overlanding by a beautiful lake, with my friends, Jeep, food, standup paddle boarding and even a little bit of hiking in the Japanese alps. Absolute bliss! 🤍currentlyhannah.com • Support me on Patreon for extra content and early access: 🤍patreon.com/currentlyhannah Instagram: Normal stuff: 🤍currently.hannah Performing stuff: 🤍hannahpriceperformer • All music is from Musicbed: 🤍 • My gear: 🤍 #currentlyhannah #japantravel #overlanding

เที่ยว Hakuba และ Zenkoji temple (2023) ที่ Nagano


ตอนนี้เราจะปักหลักเริ่มต้นจาก Ueno ออกไปเมืองต่างๆ ที่ไม่ไกลมาก ดังนี้ครับ Hakuba ใน Nagano กับคาเฟ่บนยอดเขาในวันฟ้าใสชมภูเขาหิมะสุดอลัง วัด Zenkoji ในตัวเมือง Nagano

Hakuba Powder Run


Honshu island of Japan has amazing terrain. Hakuba mountain rage is the biggest and most challenging terrain. It’s normally a little warmer in Honshu than Hokkaido, so it’s not every winter it’s on for two months straight, but 2022 was. Music score by Henning Andersen 🤍 🤍incrediweartv 🤍FootprintInsoleTechnology #powder #snowboard #snowboarding #backcountry



Travel to Nagano #3☆ Have breakfast on top of the mountain!! Hakuba Mountain Harbor☆ Japan vlog


Hey guys♡ It's MIKI!! Today I will take you to Hakuba in Nagano♪ Nagano has many high mountains and the nature is very beautiful!! This video is the 2nd day of a 4 days Travel to Nagano! Don't miss other Nagano videos♡ Shooting Date : September 30th For Bus information (Nagano station → Hakuba station) 🤍 For shuttle bus information, please check "Iwatake Shuttle Bus Information" at the bottom of the web page↓ 🤍 ーーーーーーーーーMapーーーーーーーーー Hakuba Station 🤍 Hakuba Iwatake Gondola Lift Noah Sanroku(The foot of a mountain) Station 🤍 Hakuba Iwatake Gondola Lift Noah Summit Station 🤍 Hakuba Mountain Harbor 🤍 *That point on Google Maps is different from the actual location. I was so confused because of that! Its correct location is the same place as the gondola summit station. Hakuba Mountain Harbor・The City Bakery 🤍 Yoo-Hoo! SWING 🤍 Nezuko Forest 🤍 Snow Peak Land Station Hakuba Bus stop 🤍 Snow Peak Land Station Hakuba 🤍 ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー Hey guys!! It's MIKI☆ I'm Japanese and live in Tokyo♪ I show you guys different areas across Japan introducing various things like tourist spots, local restaurants and street foods♡ One of my dreams is to travel all over Japan!! Let's travel Japan's 47 prefectures with me\(^o^)/ I also have live streaming on twitch☆ Come visit me when you have time♪ Twitch : 🤍 Instagam : 🤍 ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー #japanvlog #Nagano #japantravel



🤍 🤍 Our epic slope side lodging here in Hakuba 🤍 Thanks to 🤍 for arranging everything for us, our new go to team for arranging Japow trips to Japan! ;-) Watch more vlogs in this playlist: 🤍 Music by Epidemic Sound. Business enquiries: jonolssonvlogs🤍gmail.com Produced by Marcus Valeur and Jon Olsson. 🤍

สัมผัสหิมะก่อนใครในญี่ปุ่นHappo one,Hakuba October 2021


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Amazing powder skiing day here in Hakuba, Japan, this place is just amazing! Warner's new EPIC VLOG: 🤍 Don't forget to subscribe to his channel, so he keeps on Vlogging (& he posts daily Vlogs ;)! Here is the amazing place we stayed in Tsugaike: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Get our awesome bags here: 🤍 Get our music here: 🤍 Songs: - NOWË - Realize - NOWË - Just Some Melodies 🤍 - RetroVision - Campfire (Radio Edit) 🤍 Watch Janni's vlogs here: 🤍 Watch more vlogs in this playlist: 🤍 Business enquiries: jonolssonvlogs🤍gmail.com Produced by Benjamin Ortega and Jon Olsson.

Hakuba Valley Japan - Live Resort Showcase


Join us this Saturday the 20th of March at 4pm AEDT as Reggae Elliss and John Blagys in conjunction with Classic Resorts Japan explore Hakuba Valley and the surrounding resorts.



Traveling from Tokyo to Hakuba in today's solo-female travel vlog! Learn how to get from Tokyo to Hakuba, what the travel pricing is like, and what the experience is like as a solo-female traveler. This is just the beginning of my Japan 2020 travel vlog series, so stay tuned for more! *MORE JAPAN TRAVEL VLOGS 2020: 🤍 #TokyoToHakuba #SoloFemaleTravel #JapanTravelVlog2020 FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! 🤍 PATREON BONUS VLOGS! 🤍 LIGHTROOM & MOBILE PRESETS! 🤍 —————————————————————— CURRENT CAMERA SETUP: 🤍 VLOGGING EQUIPMENT FOR BEGINNERS: 🤍 2 MONTHS FREE MUSIC (copyright free + best music available!) 🤍 $45 OFF your FIRST AIRBNB BOOKING! 🤍 —————————————————————— Instagram ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Website ► 🤍 BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: robyn🤍robynkimberly.com Robyn Kimberly is a solo-female travel vlogger, exploring the world and sharing the experience through weekly travel vlogs. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Robyn has traveled to over 21 countries and has fallen in love with capturing her travels on film. At age 2 Robyn had her first international trip, and at 15 her first month-long solo trip. To stay up to date with Robyn Kimberly’s travel videos, make sure you are subscribed with the notification bell turned on!

Vlog#6 Hakuba Valley with Epic Pass, March 2023


The Epic Australia Pass 2022 includes a free 5 day lift pass to Hakuba Valley. I decided that we should tag on a 3 day snow trip to our Japan trip in early March 2023. This is considered slightly late season (peak is normally Jan to mid Feb) which is warmer but gave us high probability of bluebird days. The Hakuba Valley lift pass includes access to several ski areas such as Happo-One, Iwatake, Hakuba 47 and Goryu. The Hakuba Valley lift pass also gets you several free shuttles with scheduled routes which is super convenient if you do your research and plan accordingly! Instagram: 🤍joemuimui Music by 🤍 License code: Y3MWS1G1L31PECTN

Freeride World Tour Hakuba Full Highlights


► Watch the Burton US Open LIVE, Feb. 26-29: 🤍 Check out the full highlights from the season opener in Hakuba, Japan. Japan offers a more playful take on freeride, with more trees than exposed cliffs or no-fall zones, and plenty of creative riding. Watch Paddy Graham go behind the scenes of the first stop of tour here 🤍 _ Experience the world of Red Bull Snow like you have never seen it before. With the best snow action sports clips on YouTube and original series, from skiing to snowboarding, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Subscribe to Red Bull Snow on Youtube: 🤍 Get the FREE Red Bull TV apps for all your devices: 🤍 Red Bull Snow on Facebook: 🤍 Red Bull Snow on Instagram: 🤍

Boost 4 Hakuba Is Broken...


Boys Today we are having some Boost 4 Hakuba Gameplay in One Piece Bounty Rush. Hakuba is a Blue Runner that is Broken if used right in OPBR. This One Piece Bounty Rush Boost 4 Hakuba Gameplay is in SS League against many Strong Extreme Bounty Festival characters in OPBR. Thanks to 🤍OPReaperOPBR for the OPBR Gameplay. Discord: 🤍 Hope you enjoyed the vid and Left a Sub and a Like. One Piece Bounty Rush SS League Battle Gameplay #OnePieceBountyRush​​ #OPBR​​ #Bountyrush

Japanese Minimalist: Mobile Tiny house in Hakuba Japan


ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Today I wanna be sharing my overnight experience in a Mobile Tiny House in Japan. This is a collaboration between Kengo Kuma, the famous architect who designed the Tokyo Olympic Stadium, and Snow Peak, one ofJapan's top outdoor brands. Mobile House “JYUBAKO” housing box I’m only here one night, but let’s enjoy this cool tiny minimalist home together. REFERENCES: 茶室 西風庵HP 🤍 スノーピーク(Snow Peak) HP 🤍 WHO AM I: Welcome to samurai matcha journey! I'm Aki, a minimalist, kimono style school teacher in Japan. I make videos about my usual life in really country side of Japan. You can enjoy beautiful scenery, learn about Japan, and pick up some interesting lifestyle tips. WHAT I LIKE: Minimal lifestyle Matcha Kimono Anime(Ghibli) Japanese food CONNECT WITH ME: BLOG 🤍 INSTAGRAM 🤍 FACEBOOK 🤍 GET IN TOUCH: If you’d like to talk, feel free to email me at samuraimatcha.japan🤍gmail.com I try my best to reply to things but there sadly aren't enough hours in the day to respond to everyone...

Where To Stay In Hakuba - Accommodation Guide


There is a vast selection of accommodation options in Hakuba with the most popular areas being Echoland, Happo and Wadano. Here are some of our top recommendations for all budgets. You can check out all our recommended accommodation options here: 🤍

Hakuba Japan Ski Trip - Resort, Backcountry, & Trip Tips


Hakuba, Japan is a world class ski destination. The Hakuba valley consists of 10 different mountain resorts all within several kilometers of each other (see map at 1:58 in video). You can buy lift tickets that give you access to any mountain and include a free shuttle between the different resorts. We spend 5 days in Hakuba skiing several different resorts, doing a day in the backcountry and taking some time to explore the area including the area where you find the famous Japanese Snow Monkeys. Useful tips from our trip: 1. Insurance: A great insurance company that we used which includes great coverage to rescue you from skiing or exploring the backcountry can be found here: 🤍 If you get lost or need to be rescued it can cost over $20,000 in Japan! Having the insurance is well worth the piece of mind. 2. Check the forecast: We got lucky and had amazing snow. Keep an eye on the forecast to see what time of year you're planning to go and their typical snowfall (Late Jan/ Feb are typically the best months). 3. RESORTS: - Biggest resort in Hakuba Valley: Happo One - Most powder: Cortina (closest to the coast) - Best for tree skiing: Tsugaike (advanced only!) 4. Backcountry Guide Company we used: 🤍 5. Awesome Mnt Snack: check out the rice triangles from the local convenience stores. 6: My gear: This video shot on: GoPro Hero 8: 🤍 Other Gear: GoPro Max 360 Camera: 🤍 Insta 360 Selfie Stick: 🤍 GoPro Mount 1/4": 🤍 DSLR Vlogging Camera (Sony A7iii): 🤍 Use Your DSLR as a Webcam with this (CamLink 4K): 🤍 Vlogging Tripod/ stand (GorillaPod): 🤍 Snowboard: Prior Custom Splitboard Bindings: Spark R&D Splitboard Bindings Best Bib Pants: 🤍

Zenitsu vs Hakuba


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I Spent 5 Hours By Shinkansen and Bus, Japan Snow Town Local Izakaya at Hakuba Village Ep.335


Going to Hakuba in Nagano Prefecture from Tokyo by Shinkansen and Bus! Eating Nice Omuraisu at Nagano Station and visiting Local Izakaya (Japanese style Bar Restaurant), Staying wonderful Hotel Mominoki Hotel! My very first time to be in Snow Town! More Adventures to come, Please don't be shy to subscribe and join the journey!! Support me on Patreon! ( 🤍 ) (➔ for my next goal 71 people to go, Please join my Patreon!!) The video I introduce in the video ➔ I Spent 4 Days in Hidden Samurai and Ninja Area of Central Japan Ep. 314: 🤍 Please check my SNS too My Instagram : 🤍 My Twitter : 🤍 Discord Gaooommunity : 🤍 YouTube Membership : 🤍 T-shirts and etc : 🤍 Main camera ➔🤍 Main Lens ➔ 🤍 Audio ➔ 🤍 My Amazon's wishlist ➔ 🤍 Support me by shopping on Amazon (for U.S.A) from the link below, you can just make regular shopping and I will receive small fee from amazon if you shop from the link below😊 Arigatooo for your supports! ( 🤍 ) #Japanfood #Shinkansen #Train #Izakaya

Hakuba(Cavendish) VS Dellinger! [1080p] - One Piece


Cavendish in Hakuba form slices up Dellinger in episode 712 of One Piece !

Hakuba Dining & Nightlife Guide - Best Restaurants & Bars


Hakuba is known for its dining and nightlife, with so many Japanese and western options to chose from across Echoland, Happo and Wadano. Check out some of our top recommendations in our dining & nightlife guide. You can see more about our favourite Hakuba restaurants, bars and cafes here: 🤍 If you want to head to Hakuba for your next ski holiday, check out some of our latest ski packages here: 🤍

BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN RESORT|for relaxing and healing|Hakuba Tsugaike Nature Garden Nagano Japan 4K


Welcome to the serene BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN RESORT, Hakuba Tsugaike Nature Garden in Nagano, Japan. Join me on a journey of relaxation and healing as I explore the tranquil landscapes and enchanting beauty of this destination. My YouTube channel invites you to immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance of the Tsugaike Nature Garden, nestled within the breathtaking scenery of Nagano. Experience moments of tranquility, find solace, and embrace the therapeutic essence of nature. Remember to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to stay connected with my rejuvenating nature experiences. Let the restorative power of this mountain resort rejuvenate my spirit and soothe my soul. #nature #relaxing #healing #garden #resort #gardening #flowers

Happo Pond In Autumn | Hakuba Nagano Japan


🏔Happo Pond In Autumn .❤️ Happo Ike Pond, the pond’s surface acts as a mirror, reflecting the Hakuba sanzan (three mountains)—Mount Shirouma, Mount Yari and Mount Shakushi. Our misty weather, on the other hand, presents a spooky, barren scene. All we can see are the reflections of the people across the pond, its as though they’re on the edge of the world. 🤍 ❤️🧡💙💜🤎💛💚❤️🧡💙💜🤎💛💚❤️🧡💙 🌎 Life is short the world is wide, i wanna make some memories . 💓 IG : 🤍 Tiktok : 🤍 Youtube :🤍 🎗Travel Memories 💝

One Piece Cavendish True Power revealed


One Piece Episode 666 HD/Epic Anime Scene Cavendish/hakuba VS D block One Piece by Toei Animations (I do not own one piece all the right go the the rightful owners and BentPixels made the animation.* DISCLAIMER:I DO NOT OWN THIS ANIME, THIS IS PURELY FANMADE!!! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be .infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.) CAVENDISH VS Block D Full Fight One Piece Episode 666CAVENDISH VS Block D Full Fight One Piece Episode 666 CAVENDISH VS Block D Full Fight One Piece Episode 666CAVENDISH VS Block D Full Fight One Piece Episode 666CAVENDISH VS Block D Full Fight One Piece Episode 666CAVENDISH VS Block D Full Fight One Piece Episode 666CAVENDISH VS Block D Full Fight One Piece Episode 666CAVENDISH VS Block D Full Fight One Piece Episode 666 full fight straw hats luffy zoro

Hakuba 47 - Top to Bottom tips that you will want to know before you go.


Another great week here in Hakuba. Some perfect spring time conditions with cool mornings and perfectly groomed runs. As it warms up it turns into sugar and then later on into poor mans powder. Deep slushy turns are a treat in my book. This week we visited Hakuba 47 a few times. One of my favourite places anytime of the season. I love the top to bottom runs. 800 verticle meters gives you a good workout. It is linked to Goryu and iimori resorts so it gives you plenty of terrain options. The tree skiing here on a powder day is some of the best in the valley. The pistes are always well groomed. There is that crazy section near the bottom though that does seem to slab up a bit with the snow making but I’ll take that if it means riding to the bottom in to May. The park here is regarded by crew as the best in the valley and you often see some of Japans best hitting the jumps. Beers on the decking at Alps 360 and pizzas at the base at Luis are fav springtime apres activities. I’ve been known to frequent the corona bar as well, Make sure you get to 47 when you visit Hakuba next. 🤍 This weeks drink of choice is Baileys Irish Cream on the rocks. Always easy drinking. My camera is the DJI Pocket 2. It's been a great camera for the snow season here. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe and let us know what you want to see more of in the comments. Kampai TJ

The week with 150 cm of fresh snow - Hakuba Japan 2023 I VLOG 124


Skiing in Hakuba Japan. This week was something else......

Ski in Japan | THE HAPPO | Hakuba's Best Hotel


THE HAPPO by Hakuba Hotel Group is Hakuba's most modern hotel featuring 30 rooms, and onsen bath, a cafe/bar, restaurant, rental shop and retail space. THE HAPPO is in the heart of Hakuba and minutes on foot to the Olympic Happo One Resort. It is the most convenient hotel in The Hakuba Valley You can learn more about THE HAPPO here: 🤍 Located in the Northern Alps in Japan, Hakuba Hotel Group offers the largest portfolio of premium and luxury accommodation including 4 hotels and over 50 apartments and chalets. #liveuphakuba #hakubahotelgroup Subscribe to Hakuba Hotel Group: 🤍 Follow Hakuba Hotel Group on Social: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Important Sites Homepage: 🤍 Book Now: 🤍 THE HAPPO: 🤍

Beautiful Village in Japan 🏔 walking tour in Hakuba (River Sounds) //4K HDR ASMR 白馬村


Let's walking tour in Hakuba Village, Cherry Blossoms in Nagano, Japan! Melted snow from the Northern Alps flows down the river(river sounds). This is beautiful images shot in 4K HDR. The audio is ASMR quality with binaural sound. #walkingtour #4khdr #riversounds #ambience #白馬村

GoPro: Travis Rice Winning Run Hakuba, Japan FWT 2019


Travis Rice kicks it off in Hakuba, Japan for this year's Freeride World Tour securing first place with this epic run. Shot 100% on GoPro – 🤍 Comment below on your favorite part! Get stoked and subscribe: 🤍 For more from GoPro, follow us: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Inside Line: 🤍 GoPro: 🤍 #GoPro #HERO7Black #FWT19

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