Popping Open Ice Pops! 🤨

Joey Rogoff

Joey Rogoff

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Popping Open Ice Pops! 🤨
Popping Open Ice Pops! 🤨
Popping Open Ice Pops! 🤨
Popping Open Ice Pops! 🤨
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2023-11-22 16:09:24

Bro you are doing it wrong

2023-10-31 05:40:17

It’s not ice pop or popsicles it’s zoopdoopers don’t make me angry 😡

2023-10-28 04:10:21

They freezies

2023-10-27 12:07:21

where did you find them

2023-10-18 02:10:22

You’re probably just weak because it’s so easy to do😊😂

2023-10-16 14:47:20


2023-10-14 22:58:13

Imagine that Italy see this and got angry😂😂😂😂😂

2023-10-11 07:17:34

SXIuVdv46ns&t=14m10s 14:10
Lauren: complimenting this insecure guy
Also her: THEre’s ThE bOoTyyYyyY!

2023-10-08 23:11:26

Hispanic kids knew this years ago!!!
I like how it’s popular with white kids to act naively!

2023-10-06 18:53:03

What about lollipops

2023-09-26 19:53:20

pop them open
proceeds to break them in half

2023-09-16 16:14:29

Those are freezies

2023-09-09 20:38:00

I just did it and I’m eating it right now..

2023-09-09 13:26:33

Bro really just wasting my time

2023-09-09 04:30:17

Popsicles are called Popsicles because the creator of them left a mixture of something and a spoon outside and it froze it Popsicle where gonna be called the creator or Popsicles name but his kids called him pops so that's why Popsicles are named Popsicles

2023-09-07 14:14:54

It needs to be fully frozen first dude..

2023-08-31 23:45:51

My guy that is a FREEZIE.

2023-08-27 21:50:58

No you tripping 😎 I’m smart you ain’t cool boy 👦 cool girls 👧

2023-08-27 21:43:30

No it’s you have to suck on it bro 😎 you tripping

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